Active Job Posting

Job 1:
EMPLOYER: Heaven Spice USA LLC d/b/a A2B Indian Veg Restaurant
TITLE: Public Relations Specialist
  • Organize and coordinate events, implement policy and  procedures of the organization.
  • Create content for social media pages, websites and blogs.
  • Manage budget. Analyze,  prepare and present data and reports on public opiniontrends to the management.
  • Set public relations strategy  and monitor the progress.
  • Serve as spokesperson for the  organization.
  • Analyze the organization’s objectives, promotional policies, and build public relations strategies  that influence public opinion and promote products, ideas,  and services
  • Maintain a keen understanding of industry trends affecting clients and make appropriate recommendations regarding communication strategy surrounding them.
  • Use data to understand and empathize with our customers and vendors.
  • Responsible for maintenance of relevant corporate certifications and audit preparedness related to Fire, Health and Labor Departments. Recruit, hire, onboard and train new members of the public relations team.          
REQUIREMENTS: Require at least four years of experience in this or similar  position. Measurable experience (at least one year) in analyzing, preparing and presenting data and reports on Public Opinion trends.
WORK LOCATION: 6400 Hadley Rd, S. Plainfield, NJ 07080.
Please contact HR Manager via email at if you are interested in this position.
Job 2:
EMPLOYER: Heaven Spice USA LLC d/b/a A2B Indian Veg Restaurant
TITLE: Management Analyst
  • Analyze financial data from day to day operations, including store revenues, expenditures, and manager/ accountant reports;
  • Gather and organize data; Write  reports. Manage schedule to ensure proper staff utilization  to achieve profit maximization. 
  • Make recommendations to  management through presentations and written reports. 
  • Assist with analyzing and documenting existing processes and systems for possible improvements and recommends  new or revised systems as required.
  • Provide technical  assistance in designing systems and related forms or  documents.
  • Analyze labor to revenue ratio and prepare  reports for the same to disclose it on a monthly basis to the executives.
  • Use data to understand and empathize  with our customers, thereby enabling us to build a  remarkable customer experience.
  • Collaborate with clients,  vendors, employees, and executives to identify the  strengths and weaknesses of our business.
  • Make recommendations for improvements; communicate these  recommendations to executives or other appropriate  senior staff.
  • Promote, track, and measure compliance with  program changes by creating and implementing  appropriate data collection, reporting, and/or record-  keeping processes.
  • Ensure all the backend processes like  the website, POS systems, Mobile application, online  vendors and partner’s system integration is all up to date and provides scalability for any future changes that are based on analysis and customer experience.
  • Work with the Operations Manager on Integration of systems which  includes, but is not limited to Point of Sale ecosystem, Back office Systems and other applications.
REQUIREMENTS: Master’s degree or equivalent in Information Technology or Management and at least 2 years of experience in this or similar field.
WORK LOCATION: 6400 Hadley Rd, S. Plainfield, NJ 07080. 
Please contact HR Manager via email at if you are interested in this position.