Three Decades ago a small sweet shop started by Late K.S.Thirupathi Raja in the then Metropolis of Chennai, India, has now flowered into Ninety five branches covering the length and breadth of Chennai city, its neighbouring places such as Kanchipuram, Erode, Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore ,Tripur and the states of Karnataka, Pondicherry and Delhi. M/s. Adyar Ananda Bhavan Sweets & Snacks is now well established and firmly in saddle as one of the leading and exclusive sweets and savories manufacturer in South India . The driving force behind the concern now is the two brothers Mr. K.T. Venkatesan and Mr. K.T. Srinivasa Raja to whom the baton of rich sweet tradition has been passed on by their late father K.S.Thirupathi Raja.

Today Adyar Ananda Bhavan Sweets and Snacks is synonymous with commitment to quality and high degree of professionalism and use of state of the art technique in the manufacture of sweets, savories and snacks. The Ninety five branches of the concern speaks volumes about hygiene and service rendered by the organisation and the trust and reliability that the customers have reposed. Adyar Ananda Bhavan Sweets and Snacks caters to all sections of the public, in India - be it the melting Mysore Pak of South or the multi variety Soan papdi of the North or the mouth watering Rasagolla of East or the ever green dry fruits of the West - Adyar Ananda Bhavan Sweets and Snacks is the pioneer in the manufacture of such sweets in the rich tradition of the respective regions.


Chennai Retail Summit
Mr. K.T. Srinivasa Raja
Distinguished Speaker - 2016
Diamond is Diamond
Mr. K.T. Srinivasa Raja
Dec 2016
Guest of Honor
Mr. K.T. Srinivasa Raja
Feb. 2015
Quality Award from Ministry of Trade & Industry Government of Egypt
Kshatriya Rajulu Sanghamu
Mr. K.T. Srinivasa Raja
Dec 2015
Innovation & Leadership Summit
Mr. K.T. Srinivasa Raja
June 2014
Entrepreneur Lecturer Series
Mr. K.T. Srinivasa Raja
Social Activity Award
Mr. K.T. Srinivasa Raja
Certificate of Honor
Mr. K.T. Srinivasa Raja
Oct 2009
Coast Gaurd Region (East)
Times Food Award
Odisha without Border
Mr. K.T. Venkatesan
Bandhavya 2016
Mr. K.T. Srinivasa Raja
Tamilnadu Tourism Award
Mr. K.T. Srinivasa Raja
Oct. 2013
Rotary Club Chennai
Mr. K.T. Srinivasa Raja
July 2016
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